Health Care iOT: What Does It All Mean?

Doesn’t is sometimes seem as though the buzzword creation artists just take a couple of trendy terms, glue them together, and declare themselves the “inventor” of something new?  Well, so it seems with “Health Care iOT.”  The term seems to be bandied about rather frequently these days.  But, what does it really mean?  Well, that depends who you ask.

To be sure, predictions abound that The Internet of Things is about to completely disrupt and transform every aspect of our lives – at least, potentially.  That sort of disruption is starting to become evident in the healthcare sector, where little has changed for decades. But now, healthcare technology is changing in major ways.

For example, Royal Philips and Qualcomm subsidiary Qualcomm Life announced that they are partnering to advance personalized, connected healthcare.  Once rivals, the technology duo plan to leverage Phillips’ connected health informatics and regulated healthcare cloud data management and analytics with Qualcomm’s medical-grade device connectivity and integration to enable both companies to provide enhanced, scalable care tools and services under a single ecosystem.

In March, Apple launched different health-focused apps including CareKit – an open source framework for making health apps.  Also, Biotech Company 23 and Me enabled its users to use their iPhones to share their genetic data with scientific research teams conducting medical studies.

Verizon is said to be introducing LTE CAT-M, a network application for Health Care IoT, across its network by the end of 2016.  The new network is primarily designed for connected healthcare devices, but, it can also provide serve devices that need any sort of connectivity.

Payment companies are looking at using a sensor to read a person’s electrocardiogram. The Hong Kong government is working to develop a system which could enable both public and private healthcare institutions to access patients’ health records comprehensively for timely treatment.

But, how will all of this affect security?  Nobody really knows.  We will all have to stay tuned.

Innerlife STS is a cloud mobile platform for mental health care and its integration with primary medical care.  It is designed for assessment, data collection and analytics, documentation, and progress tracking.

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